​Burundi 7th - 11th November 2016
​Financial and Monetary Management , External Financing and Treasury Management
  • To learn about the development and implementation of financial and monetary policy
    • ​Accountant General’s Office
    • Bank of Mauritius
    • Stock Exchange Market
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, RI & ITD
    • Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
    • RMCE


    ​Malawi 27th-31st March 2017
    • Ms. Tithokoze Carolyn Samuel - Head of CMU
    • Mr. Mr Precious Chimbamba - Principal Economist
    • Mr. Stevie Chimenya - Principal Accountant
    ​The main objective of this study tour is to learn experiences in establishing and managing its core cash management functions such as the roles and procedures for monitoring Government cash balances and the release of funds to the spending units
    • ​Afritac South / Africa Training Institute
    • Bank of Mauritius
    • Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
    • Mauritius Revenue Authority
    • Accountant General’s Office


    ​Malawi 10th - 14th August 2015
    • Mrs. Chimwemwe Banda (Team Leader) - Accountant Generals Department - Deputy Accountant General
    • Mr Fredrick Maliro - Revenue Policy, Ministry

         of Finance    Revenue Economist

    • Mr. Lukes Kalilombe - Debt and Aid

         Department- Ministry of Finance   

    • Mr. Masauko Kumwenda - Cash Management Division -    Accountant General
    • Ms. Onelie Nkuna - Reserve Bank of Malawi - Manager, Banking
    • Ms. Loyce Chilimsungwi  -  Ministry of Finance - Deputy Budget Director
    • Ms. Sheryl Kelly  - U.S Treasury - Advisor
    ​To share experience pertaining to Treasury and Cash Management Function, the team was expected to appreciate and learn the following among others:
    • Understand the procedures and processes in revenue generation, collection and accounting
    • Fund release to spending units (Ministries Departments and Agencies); including procedures and frequency
    • Cash flow planning and management including process and documentation
    • Institutional arrangement for treasury and cash management function
    • The roles and responsibilities of Treasury, Budget Office, Reserve (Central) Bank, Debt Management Office, Revenue Authority and Revenue Collecting Agencies and MDAs play in the cash management process
    • Management of idle funds and cash shortfalls for the government
    • Management of Ways and Means Advance by Reserve (Central) Bank
    • Banking arrangement, payment and settlement systems
    • Management of Single Treasury Account(STA)
    • Reporting systems, and;
    • Cash Management policy document to guide cash management operation


    • ​Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
    • The Treasury
    • Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA)
    • Bank of Mauritius
    • Afritac South / ATI
    Mozambique and Djibouti 20th-27th October 2013


    Djibouti delegation:
    • Cemile Hacibeyoglu - IFC Member
    • Monsieur Mohamed Adawe Roble -
      Directeur Adjoint de l'Agence Nationale pour la  Promotion des Investissements, République  

         de Djibouti

    • Mme MouminaHoumed - Secrétaire exécutive chargée de la réforme administrative, République de Djibouti
    • Mme Marta Dormal - Conseillère Technique Cabinet du Ministre Ilyas Moussa Dawaleh, Ministère des Finances chargé De l'Industrie (MEFI), République de Djibouti
    • Monsieur Mohamed-Kader
      AbdoulkaderGuedi - Directeur de la Direction Générale des Impôts, République de Djibouti
    • Monsieur Ahmed Saad Soultan - Directeur adjoint, Administratif de la Caisse, Nationale de  Securite Sociale, République de Djibouti

    Mozambique delegation:

    • Michelle Gomme Souto - IFC Member
    • Mr. Fidel Valia - Head of Property Registrar, Ministry of Justice, Maputo, Mozambique
    • Mr Nelson Jeque - Advisor to the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Maputo, Mozambique
    • Ms. Rita Freitas - National Director for Private Sector Support, Ministry of Industry and Support, Maputo, Mozambique
    • Ms. Zaira Abudala - National Deputy Director of Registrars, Ministry of Justice, Maputo, Mozambique
    • Ms.Arlinda Nhaquila - Head of  Legal Entities Registrar, Ministry of Justice, Maputo, Mozambique
    • Mrs Graca Manguele - Chief Department of Municipal Revenue

    The study tour was conducted on   theme   on  ‘Ease of Doing Business’ across the following four indicators such as  Business Creation, Transfer of Property, Payment of taxes ,Cross Border Trade.
     It was focused on the indicators above and the structuring of the public-private sector dialogue. Each module gave an overview of the system for each indicator  and the genesis of carried out reforms, the organizational framework, procedures, deadlines and costs as well as the source of funding (treasure or stand-alone).

    Participants undertook site visits to different authorities in Mauritius which are acting as facilitators for ‘Doing Business’ namely BOI, MRA (Customs and Taxes), MCCI, JEC, and CCM. The site visit enhanced the ability of member country officials and officials at the regional and provincial level of DRC, to implement the main policies related to Payment of Taxes, Trade Accross Borders, Transfer of Property and Business Creation.​ 
    •  Joint Economic Council
    • Mauritius revenue Authority
    • Registrar General
    • Customs House
    • Mauritius Ports Authority
    • Mauritius Cargo Community Services
    • Board of Investment
    • Competition Commission of Mauritius
    • Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    ​Mauritania ​23rd June -
    3rd July 2014
    • Aly KANE - President du Comite Pilotage Doing Business/MAED 

    •  Abdoulaye N'GAIDE - Greffier en Chef
    •  M’Hamed BOUBOUTT - Directeur du Guiche Unique
    •  Ely CHARGY - Directeur du Développement des Investissements
    • Mohammed Yahya DIDA - Directeur General Adjoint
    • Ahmedou ELY - Directeur General
    • Moctar KANE - Directeur de la Promotion des Investissement
    • Kabemba Lusinde WA LUSANGI - Financial & Private Sector Development Consultant
    ​Ease of Doing Business
    The objective of the study tour is to obtain a deeper understanding of the conceptual underpinnings, operational approaches and the experiences of Mauritius on Doing Business Indicators such as: Starting a business; Registering property and transfer of property; Enforcing contract; Protecting investors; Paying taxes; the Reform agenda; Public-private dialogue; and, networking visits to some key institutions and industries.
    • ​Omnicane
    • MRA
    • JEC
    • MOFED
    • MEXA
    • MCCI
    • AHRIM
    • BOI
    • BLC Chambers
    • CCM
    • CMT
    • CEB
    • Registrar of Companies
    • Registrar of property
    • Ministry of Tourism


    Democratic Republic of Congo
    9th - 13th
    June 2014
    • ​Marc Ejiba - Responsable Passation Marchés, Membre de la Commission Stratégies
    • Albert Lieke - Responsable  Cellule Communication Membre de la Commission Strarégies
    • Mathilde Wahema - Agent Administratif
    • Lambert Kandala - Chargé de Projet Mines, Membre de la Commission Stratégies
    • Jean Masumbuko - Chargé de Projet Transport Membre de la Commission Stratégies
    • Chito Mushobekwa - Attachéé à Cellule Communication
    • Luzinga (Mrs) - Directeur Technique Médical
    • Muhau Khandi - Directeur de la Division  Enseignement
    • BANZA Albert - RH
    • Wassa wa Ngombele - Directeur Représentant SNCC
    • Michel NSIMBI - Assitant AD
    • Ngoie Mbwese Chantal - Directeur du Département des RH
    • Wasso Mulakilwa - Directeur de Dept en charge des Immos
    • Aheka Utshudi Vicky - Conseiller au Ministère de l’Emploi
    • Musuyu Fariala
    • Abdallah Amici Wello - Directeur chargé des recherches et sciences
    • Mudekereka Blaise - Médecin chargé programme santé
    • Ngondo Tusimina Mireille (Mrs) - Executif director de la fondation
    • Mr Luyeye Jean Marie - Coordinateur socio-culturel
    • Djordjija Petkoski - Global CDL
    • Lwanzo Amani - Global CDL


    Learning more about how to put in place a good governance mechanism to manage CSR programs on behalf of large commercial enterprises. Learning Role of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and private companies in social services delivery and Role of the “National CSR Foundation,” foundations created by individual companies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in social service delivery and also Drafting and implementing the National CSR Strategy: priorities, key policies, and implementation.

    • Ominicane
    • MRA
    • JEC
    • MOFED
    • Air Mauritius
    • SICOM
    • MCB
    • PWC
    • CEDEM
    ​Gambia and Malawi ​10th - 21st February
    Gambia delegation:
    • Omar Bun Njie (Director of Planning, Ministry
      of Health and Social Welfare).
    • Mohammed BS Jallow Director of Planning and Budgeting, Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education
    • Aba Gibril Sankareh, Deputy Director & Head Planning Services Unit, Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture
    • Lamin Fatty, Principal Fiscal Officer, Directorate of Budget Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs
    • Amie Kolleh Jeng, Principal Economist, Directorate of Development Planning, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs
    • Omar K. Danso ICT Officer – Assistant DBA Directorate of National Treasury, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs
    • Sybi Hida - IMF Resident Macro-fiscal and Budget Advisor
    Malawi delegation:
    • Mr. Richard Perekamoyo –Deputy Budget Director - Leader of delegation
    • Mrs. Elsie Salima – Chief Economist –MEPD (Economic Planning Division)
    • Mr. Dalitso Kalimba - Chief Economist EPD (Development Planning Division)
    • Mr. Simon Mulungu - MEPD (M and E)
    • Mr. Williams Banda– Economist -Revenue Division
    • Mr. Winston Nyasulu – Assistant Budget Director
    • Ms. Tithokoze Samuel – Assistant Budget Director
    • Mr. Daniel Jenya –Economist (Economic Affairs Division)


    ​To obtain a deeper understanding of the conceptual underpinnings, operational approaches and lessons learnt from Mauritian budget reform experiences in Mauritius by discussing practices and sharing challenges particularly on the
    MTEF approach.
    • ​Ministry of Finance and Economic Development,
    • Chart of Accounts -E-Budgeting, Treasury Accounting System,
    • Central Statistics Office,
    • Board of Investment,
    • Financial Services Commission,
    • Mauritius Revenue Authority,
    • Ministry of Health and Quality of Life,
    • Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security,
    • Ministry of Education and Human Resources,
    • Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms,
    • Ministry of Local Government (Local Authorities)
    • Budget directorate
    • UNDP
    • Audit Office
    Mauritania 25th - 29th​
    May 2013
    • Mr. GUISSET Mamadou - Director of the Pole Infrastructures Support of AN-ZF
    • Mr. Abdel Ghader DADE  - Regional manager of the Taxes of /Nou​adhibou North
    • Mr. GemalOuld AHMED - Head of Department of the visit and Control Directorate-General of the Customs
    • Mr. Alpha Youssouf TANDIA / Head of Department of the Investigations Directorate-General of the Customs


    To share the Mauritian experiences in the free zone sector in the framework of the investment promotion
    • Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA)
    • Mauritius Export Processing Zone (MEXA)
    • Board of Investment (BOI)
    • Enterprise Mauritius (EM)
    • Mauritius Bankers Association (MBA )
     Malawi 10th - 14th June 2013
    • Mr. Paul Mphwiyo (Team Leader), Head of Financial Sector Development Unit (FSDU) Ministry of Finance/ Deputy Director for Economic Affairs Division
    • Mr. Temwa Banda, Finance Officer Financial Sector Technical Assistance Project (FSTAP) Reserve Bank of Malawi
    • Mr. Maxwell Salika Economist, Financial Sector Development unit
    • Mr.Elijah Nyirenda, Economist, Financial Sector Development 
    To learn and study the Mauritian experiences and practices in the financial development sector focusing on policy and regulatory frameworks
    • Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED)
    • Bank of Mauritius (BOM)
    • Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB)
    • Financial Services Commission (FSC)
    • Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM)
    • ABAX LTD​